Lavender room

1 Years+ (Ratio - 1:3)

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Getting involved

Encouraging fine motor skills

As our babies become progressively mobile, new opportunities for exploration and development occur. Orchid Room also has access to their own kitchen area and bathroom. Once settled into Orchid Room we begin to introduce a routine, while doing this we continue to support a child’s needs and adapt to any circumstances necessary.

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Following in your footsteps

Loving environment

They start to take part in a group morning time and introduce things such as flashcards. They enjoy the fun activities such as colouring, sticking, sensory play, painting, crafts, messy play, baking, singing and listening to stories. At this stage, children’s language is developing and joining in conversation is very important for the children to continue to learn and develop.

As their physical skills grow they will explore the outdoor area with a lot more confidence, using the slides and equipment. They will go out twice a day, one in a morning and again in the afternoon.


Key worker

Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who you will be introduced to you on the first settling in session. The Key Worker will have a chat with you to share information about your child, which will enable them to better understand your child’s needs and to begin forming a relationship. All of our Key Workers have a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge in all aspects of the EYFS. They will provide advice, guidance and support you with anything you need.


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