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Healthy and nutritious

At Chantreyland we strongly promote healthy eating, we do this providing the children with nutritious foods. We offer a range of different healthy foods for the children to enjoy. Teaching children from a young age to make healthy choices, helps them understand the importance of healthy eating. We provide fresh and organic snacks for the children as well as enjoyable products for example, toast, crumpets, crackers etc.

We aim to make all options suitable and enjoyable for the children to support them in their development and provide them with the nutrients their bodies need. All our children are given the option of milk or water with their snacks and have access to water in their rooms at all times.

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Creating good habits

We encourage our children to sit together around large tables and feed themselves using cutlery, however staff are there at all times to support the children if needed. We also promote good table manner throughout the nursery to form good habits as they children grow.

Lunch and dinner are both practical meals that offer a varied and balanced diet, we tailor these to each child’s stage of weaning.

To encourage new and different foods, Pre-School children are engaged in food tasting activity sessions. Children are also involved in food preparation and participate in baking bread, biscuits, cake and we even make our own delicious pizzas!

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Lunch time

Our nursery meals are prepared daily and cooked at our Brierley Field site by our catering company Bellisimo Food. They have a current 5 star food hygiene rating!

The menu includes a variety of meals based on the Children’s Food Trust guidelines. These are meals from all around the world, giving the children the opportunity to try new and exciting foods. They contain the nutrients needed to promote strong development within children, vegetables are included with every meal. The meal is served at approximately 11.30am with a range of different meals. Our dinner menus run on a three-weekly cycle and change seasonally for summer and winter.

They are able to cater for a range of dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know if this concerns your child.


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