Rose room

1 ½ Year – 2 ½ Years (Ratio- 1:3 / 1:5)

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Learning and developing

Following a structured routine

Our Toddlers follow on into the Rose Room as their development continues. We support the children with keeping a structured routine. For example, they take part in a group morning time and begin introducing more complex things like shapes and colours. They enjoy the fun activities such as colouring, sticking, sensory play, painting, crafts, messy play, baking, singing and listening to stories but will also take part in more challenging and organised activities.

The children in the Rose Room have access to their own nappy changing area within the room but also the bathroom which is based across the hall in the Bluebell Room. This has several facilities for the children to use and it gives them the opportunity to explore in toilet/potty training.

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Rapidly developing

Growing physically and mentally

The children in Rose Room become more independent and enjoy trying to achieve tasks and challenges on their own. We provide several opportunities for the children to excel in all development areas, using fine and gross motor skills.

At this stage, children’s language is rapidly developing and joining in conversation is very important for the children to continue to learn and develop. As their physical skills grow, they will explore the outdoor area with a lot more confidence, using the slides and climbing frames. They will go out twice a day, once in the morning and again in the afternoon. They also enjoy visiting our local park, animal farm and playground.


Key worker

Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who you will be introduced to you on the first settling in session. The Key Worker will have a chat with you to share information about your child, which will enable them to better understand your child’s needs and to begin forming a relationship. All of our Key Workers have a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge in all aspects of the EYFS. They will provide advice, guidance and support you with anything you need.


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