Snowdrop room

2 ½ Years – 3 Years (Ratio- 1:5)

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Learning and developing

Providing various opportunities

Snowdrop Room provides children with many different opportunities both adult-led and child-led. At this stage, the children love their independent play but also group interactions. We create opportunities for the children to thrive in both personal and social experiences. The children begin to start to role play and show interest in particular activities for example, construction, dressing up, babies, cars etc.

They have access to all types of activities that involve messy play, role play, crafts, baking, drawing, free play and reading stories.

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Playing and exercising

Following a structured routine

They continue to follow a structured routine with a group morning time, looking at seasons, weathers, days of the week and the letter of their name. Also, preparing for mealtimes and outdoor play.

The children have access to the outdoor area from this room, they play outdoors on the garden twice a day, giving them the opportunity to exercise while exploring.

Snowdrop Room has access to their own kitchen area and a bathroom which is through the following rooms next to Snowdrops. This has a good range of facilities for the children to use and continue with toilet/potty training.


Key worker

Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who you will be introduced to you on the first settling in session. The Key Worker will have a chat with you to share information about your child, which will enable them to better understand your child’s needs and to begin forming a relationship. All of our Key Workers have a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge in all aspects of the EYFS. They will provide advice, guidance and support you with anything you need.


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