Sunflower room

3 Years - 4 Years (Ratio- 1:8)

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Learning and developing

Preparing for Primary School

Our Pre-School Room prepares children for their transition to school, we care and support these children in all their development areas. We continue a structured routine as from the previous room as it supports the children and enables them to follow direction.

The children in Sunflower enjoy daily tasks and responsibilities as well as their free play. They love to be creative and explore all the messy and crafty bits around the room which they have access to at any time. They continue their Phonics, scissor work, maths and literacy games, pencil control and baking in this room. At this stage, they will look into more depth in these activities, independently and in groups.

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Challenging the children

Exploring outdoors

The children in Sunflower Room love to explore the outdoor area, creating games and explore the equipment. The staff enjoy involving the children in more challenging games for example, ‘What Time Is It Mr Wolf’, ‘parachute games’, ‘bowling pins’ etc.


Graduating from nursery

Transitioning to school

When your child starts to get ready to go to Primary School they will be provided with a ‘transition sheet’ this will detail everything about your child and their development along with their records through nursery. Your child’s teacher will visit our setting and observe your child and the key worker will also have a chat with the teacher.

We hold a graduation in the summer to celebrate all your child’s achievements, they receive a graduation cap, medal and certificate while also being able to participate in all the fun games and activities set out around the outdoor area.


Key worker

Your child will be allocated a Key Worker who you will be introduced to you on the first settling in session. The Key Worker will have a chat with you to share information about your child, which will enable them to better understand your child’s needs and to begin forming a relationship. All of our Key Workers have a wealth of experience and up to date knowledge in all aspects of the EYFS. They will provide advice, guidance and support you with anything you need.


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